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About Sakhi Fashions

The confident, modern women of today require an innovative approach to their attire. As elegant homemakers and diligent professionals, women today are making their presence felt everywhere. Saluting this indomitable spirit of modern women, Sakhi Fashions has carved a niche for themselves in the field of modern ethnic fashion, their profound mission- to make the modern woman look and feel great.


Sakhi Fashions has been helping the Indian Diaspora to stay in touch with its Indian root. So in this noble attempt, we tried to deliver the best results keeping the essence of the site in mind. They were looking for ways to improve customer engagement, performance of the platform, and to aggressively attract global customers. Advanced Inventory management was another key focus. On the other hand, occasional blackout of servers added uncertainty into the fierce competition in the sector. Keeping with the growing customer demand required resolution of these challenges as a first step in remodelling process.Technology upgrade, Product and Data migration were to be final ones.


After implementing changes like upgrading Magento version, adding extensions and making some technical changes, we were capable of leveraging the best talents in the industry to deliver desired solutions. We ensured that the website of Sakhi Fashions has global customer reach, a multi-country store, responsiveness across devices, tailored ecommerce platform, payment platform giving local feel to global buyers, cost effective server solutions, up-to-date technology solutions and advanced inventory management.


The changes we made had affirmative impact on the overall performance of the website. Not only are NRIs and Indians capable of connecting to their roots but the changes have also increased the customer base. The freedom and flexibility in designing outfits have increased with reduced last minute payment cancellations. The changes now deliver reduced cost for technology, performance for the site, enhanced customer engagement and growth of business from repeat customers.

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  • Magento Community Edition 1.9

  • Bootstrap

  • PHP 5.0

  • JavaScript

  • Ajax

  • JQuery

  • MySQL

  • Bitbucket

  • Magmi

  • Magemojo

Top Features

  • Custom designing feature to let customers design their outfits.

  • A layer of web services on Magento Community Edition.

  • Integration with hand-picked payment gateways in view of global buyers.

  • Scaling up of servers without any downtime.

  • Scheduled automated Data Back-ups.

  • Scaling up of servers without any downtime.

  • Scheduled automated Data Back-ups.

  • Improved Time-To-First-Byte and Google Page Speed score.

  • Distributed Servers approach to enhance performance.

  • Keyword based SEO strategy implemented.

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