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An online store where girls can meet their best friends, Diamonds Factory is the place to be. This online store has a global presence and offers certified, tested and quality diamonds. The brand specializes in offering small pieces of diamond jewelry that have mesmerising design and an alluring sparkle.


We had the opportunity to work for them, and make their website organized and user-friendly. After collaborating with Diamonds Factory, we planned to implement changes in their site to bring a complete turnaround in site performance, deliver excellent user experience, drive trust and deliver optimized encoded content.


After a thorough assessment, we wanted to integrate solutions that would serve the purpose of this entire feat and do more. The changes implemented delivered faster product and content loading, faster page load through page caching, faster content fetching from web servers due to compression and optimization of files and scripts for less database storage. We wanted to improve the complete turnaround time for the website as it had a global presence and required smooth functioning for better user experience.


The changes had a fourfold impact-it generated trust among users, the average time spent on site increased; landing experience enhanced due to fast homepage load and the global buyer experience smoothed further.

While impacts generated positive effects on the overall viewing and use of the site, the results were equally mind blowing. We were capable of successfully reducing cost because of decreased bandwidth and server load. The changes also generated impressive load time led by repeat customer visits, optimized site due to encoded content, and instant information availability for greater trust among customers.

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Top Features

  • Blazing fast product image loading for delightful customer experience.

  • Site landing time reduced by 69 percent.

  • Responsiveness across all devices and OS.

  • Improved overall performance and feel of the site.

  • Reduced bandwidth and server load.

  • Improved overall performance and feel of the site.

  • Reduced bandwidth and server load.

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